Early Bird Tour

Rising early before dawn can be a bit of a trouble but is definitely worth the effort! We will transfer you nice & early to the edge of the desert where you will be taken on top of a gigantic dune deep in the mystical desert, overlooking other dunes for the most mesmerizing view of sunrise you could have ever seen or imagined. It is one of those perfect & serene moments to get lost in time with your loved one.

For all those trigger happy photographers hungry for such magical moments – we bet you will beam brighter than the morning sun. This is followed by some light refreshments and you will wind up this trip with an exhilarating dune self drive experience with our custom built manual 1500cc dune buggies complete with roll cages, safety harnesses, bucket seats, fire extinguisher, helmets and a back up vehicle (with mechanical support) to give you an uninterrupted and safe ride. That part should definitely wake you up!


  • Maximum 2 pax per Dune buggy
  • Duration - Half Day
  • Slots - A.M.
  • Unlimited Water
  • Meals - Light breakfast box